Ole Miss senate faculty requests timeline of chancellor search from IHL board


OXFORD, Miss. (localmemphis.com) – It’s a campus divided at Ole Miss following the controversial selection of its new chancellor.

Angry protesters shut down a news conference last week introducing Glenn Boyce. Demonstrators silently marched on campus to a senate faculty meeting Tuesday night. Protesters marched silently, which was a sharp contrast to the chaos that erupted Friday.

The faculty is now asking the board which selected Dr. Boyce for a timeline of that decision. 

Tuesday, faculty and students silently marched in protest of the newly appointed chancellor. With signs that read “Boyce is corrupt” and called for the Institute of Higher Learning to be abolished.

The IHL board selected Dr. Boyce for the position, despite his role as a hired consultant for the search.

“There should have been a much more critically thought out process about why we were still proceeding with the appointment after such large descent,” said Cam Colisch, a University of Mississippi Solidarity organizer.  

Security carried out Colisch from last week’s protest during the press conference. She said she asked security to open up the room to others outside.

“It was a very unnecessary use of force,” she said. “It was clear that they were not trying to focus on protecting the students but were protecting the IHL board.”

Tuesday’s protesters marched from the Grove into a senate faculty meeting. Members questioned when Boyce ceased to become a hiring consultant and if the board’s swift appointment followed established procedures.

After a two-hour deliberation, the senate faculty passed a resolution calling for the IHL board to give a complete timeline of the chancellor search. The senate is giving the IHL until Sunday, October 15, to reply to its request. 

A university spokesperson said Dr. Boyce was not available for an interview Tuesday.

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