In Tuesday’s Ransom Note: good Samaritans help during tragedy


SOUTHAVEN, Miss. ( – After the evil deed that took the lives of two fathers just working for their families, you might like to hear how the community wasted no time rallying to help.

As we mentioned, dozens of workers and shoppers were evacuated. There was a lot of down time waiting outside trying to digest the loss of their co-workers, trying to understand how another co-worker was now charged with their murder, no doubt thinking it could have been them.

Well, some  IHOP and Chick-fil-a workers jumped into action, bringing food to everyone waiting outside. Firefighters jumped in too with water bottles. Walmart employees joined a prayer circle outside the building.

I’m not that surprised. Mid-Southerners always rally in times of tragedy, and none of the folks who jumped in to help today expected any recognition.

But on days like today, we all need to hear that there’s more good than evil out there.

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