FedEx warned by New York City mayor to keep their delivery robots off NYC’s streets

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NEW YORK CITY, New York ( – In Tuesday’s Ransom Note: not so fast Roxo. Roxo is the name for FedEx’s same-day delivery robot we keep bringing you stories on.

The company is testing the six-wheelers in four markets, including its home city of Memphis. Recently FedEx brought Roxo to New York City for some special event, but when the city got word of it, it sent a cease and desist letter to FedEx. The letter warned FedEx Roxo was violating several traffic provisions, but it didn’t stop there.

Mayor Bill de Blasio posted this tweet:  “First of all, FedEx, never get a robot to do a New Yorker’s job. We have the finest workers in the world. Second of all, we didn’t grant permission for these to clog up our streets. If we see any of these bots we’ll send them packing.”

Now, I admit I’m curious how these Roxo things are going to work. Will we always be driving or walking around them? How will the bots negotiate elevators or cities like Memphis with so many sidewalks leading to nowhere? That’s for FedEx to worry about.

But de Blasio, whose job approval rating among New Yorkers is in the toilet, just wanted to score some political points here. Mission Accomplished.

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