Group continues to meet on monumental decision for MLGW

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – They know the deal. The members of this advisory group know what they have to do.

It’s big stuff.

And Memphis Light, Gas and Water Chief Executive Officer J.T. Young says, “It’s a little bit more detailed and complex now.”

He’s not kidding.

If you were to pick up one of the folders these committee members have, and if you were to start plowing through the information, chances are you would head straight to the vodka before you got halfway through.

It is complicated, technical stuff and it is not filled with excitement or twists and turns.

Some studies show the city saving millions by purchasing power from another company. Others show the city would lose money if MLGW says “see ya” to the TVA and buys its electricity from another company.

Memphis Chief Operating Officer Doug McGowen says, “It’s pretty technical. But this is how we’re going to decide the course of our community for years to come, and it deserves our undivided attention. This is our 50th meeting. They’re four hours long. But we need to make the best recommendation possible.”

Some will admit, they had no idea how complicated this was. Now they do.

Because what they decide will be important, not just for the future of Memphis, but for every single community that gets its power from Memphis Light, Gas, and Water.

Reliability and dependability have been the two big issues in Germantown, says Public Works chief Bo Mills, a board member.

“I think I just want to hear all the options,” he says, “… and go through the scenarios and just have an opportunity to make the best decision for the community as a whole.”

It is a decision that could change the future course of cities, J.T. Young says.

“It’s a high hurdle,” according to Young. “… it can be done, but what we want to make sure of is that we’ve considered all the things we need to consider before we make that decision and recommendation.”

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