Some DeSoto County men are building a business on trash

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DESOTO CO., Miss. ( – Inspired by the rare and niche service model of cleaning trash cans he’d seen in Nashville, Kyle Coker was consumed by the idea.

“My none sleeping went on for about a week,” said Coker.

When was the last time you heard of a man losing sleep over dirty, filthy, trash cans or wanting to clean them up for the masses? But those sleepless nights led business partners Kyle Coker and Frankie Allen to start DeSoto Can Cleaners.

A trailer loaded with a water tank, power washer, and lifts is DeSoto Can Cleaners’ secret weapon. The pressure washer is so strong and hot, that once your trash cans are lifted up in the clutches of the trailer’s arms, dirt, grease, and maggots don’t stand a chance.

“It kills 99% of the bacteria in these cans, which that’s what causes a lot of your sicknesses,” said Coker. “The E-coli, the listeria, and salmonella from residents.”  

Launched just this month, momentum is building for the business, and most people can’t believe there’s such a thing.

“To me, that’s the biggest kick of it,” said Coker. “Just watching people go, ‘I never knew anything like this existed. Can you do mine? Is it a free service?’”

Cost and scheduling make your cleaning easy breezy on the DeSoto Can Cleaners Facebook page and website.

“It’s a service people need so we want to provide that service to them,” said Allen.

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