Days from the gubernatorial election in Mississippi, President Trump stumps for Republican candidate

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TUPELO, Miss. ( – Friday night, President Donald Trump energized thousands of people in Tupelo, MS.

The 45th President of the United State rallied for Republican Tate Reeves in next week’s hotly contested gubernatorial race in the Magnolia State, where polling is tight and millions of dollars are being spent on the airwaves.

President Trump offered his help in this statewide race, while also defending the state of the Presidency, under new pressure with a growing inquiry one year from his own 2020 re-election bid.

He was on a mission Friday night in Mississippi, helping Reeves cross the finish line in a closer than expected gubernatorial election next week.

“Tate is pro worker, he’s pro jobs, he’s pro family, he’s life,” President Trump said.

Despite Reeves outspending his Democratic opponent, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood by a more than two to one margin, a Mason-Dixon poll two weeks ago showed the election for Governor basically a tossup in deeply red Mississippi.

“You know, I can’t believe this is a competitive race, it’s like embarrassing, I’m talking Mississippi,” President Trump said.

The one-hour and 20-minute rally by President Trump was also the first since a majority of House Democrats formalized an impeachment inquiry process against him.

“It’s all a phony deal, this whole impeachment scam to try and undermine the 2020 election,” President Trump said.

The inquiry centers on whether President Trump abused power and pressured the President of Ukraine, on a July phone call, to interfere in the 2020 U.S. election and investigate his Democratic rivals.

“The President in the Ukraine said it was a very good conversation, his foreign minister said the same thing: no pressure,” President Trump said.

President Trump argued to this Mississippi crowd that the impeachment inquiry will backfire and boost Republicans at the ballot box.

“The Democrats outrageous conduct has created an angry majority that will vote many do nothing Democrats out of office in 2020,” President Trump said.

Vice President Mike Pence will also rally for Tate Reeves Monday in Biloxi, MS.

Democratic candidate Jim Hood told reporters Friday he’s confident he’ll win next week, with the help of Republican crossover voters.

“It’s been a fun race,” said Hood. “When you see Republicans coming across the aisle, you know, you know you can govern with that kind of coalition. I want to see us get back when we are on the right track in Mississippi.”

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