Hold onto your hats: Early voting in Memphis City Elections starts in two and a half weeks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Well there’s not a lot of excitement building anywhere about the Memphis Mayors election, but it’s coming.

Signs are starting to pop up like mushrooms after rain. Endorsements are coming, and this one makes a lot of noise.

Hillary Clinton on Twitter, mentioning Tami Sawyer as she directs those interested to another website.

“I wouldn’t exactly call that a resounding endorsement,” says longtime political reporter and analyst Susan Adler Thorp.

She has been reporting and watching the political comings and goings of people in this community for decades. She doesn’t think the Hillary Clinton tweet will make a single bit of difference, saying Sawyer is one of 55 people mentioned by a political group for young people to keep an eye on.

“Hillary Clinton hasn’t been in the community that we know of in many, many years,” Thorp said. “She doesn’t know squat about the mayor’s race.”

Former Mayor Willie Herenton has been endorsed by the police and fire unions, as well as the sanitation workers union.

The whole endorsement thing doesn’t mean much these days, Thorp says.

“There was a time,” she says, “… when we didn’t have the internet, that the power of the newspaper and their endorsements, and the power of unions and the lock they had on so many members was important. Nowadays, it’s not so important.”

As far as incumbent Jim Strickland, he does have one guy whose ad caught a lot by surprise. His campaign has been running a radio ad featuring octogenarian Elmore Nickleberry, one of the sanitation workers who went on strike more than 50 years ago.

“Strickland may not have the big names behind him yet,” Thorp says, “… but what he does have is the positive name recognition throughout the community and that will easily put him over the top.”

Early voting starts September 13th. Election day is October 3rd.

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