​​​​​​​Local Good News: S.O. What? – Helping Kids Live Their Best Lives

Local Good News

Students are learning to embrace the “SO WHAT!” AND “SO NOW WHAT?” attitude from a local woman and her organization. 

Through workshops, retreats and experiential learning opportunities, the ‘S.O. What! Foundation’ helps youth love themselves and live their best lives. It’s local good news.

Summer Owens is hoping things coming into focus for a group of young adults she mentors. 

“Every decision that you make in life is based on how you feel about yourself,” said Owens. “For our kids, the kids that we serve, is particularly challenging and a lot harder than for most people.”

Owens runs the S.O. What Foundation, a foundation based on teaching youth and young adults how to overcome obstacles and eliminate excuses hindering individual and family success. Basically, it teaches kids have to love themselves. Thus, all the red hearts you see at her 5th annual Love Event.

“You leave feeling empowered and special and beautiful like you can do anything,” said Owens. “It’s about loving yourself with all your flaws, all your imperfections and embracing yourself and having a good time, taking care of yourself and becoming a better person.”

And learning how to become your best self is local good news.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the S.O. What! Foundation.

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