Local Good News: Disney & First Book Want Kids To Know The Magic Of Storytelling

Local Good News

The Magic of Storytelling! It’s a campaign between Disney and First Book to get children in under-served areas books, including kids right here in the Mid-South. It’s local good news.

With books, you can go places: #Read! Never a truer slogan for children.

U.S. Department of Education research finds the more students read for fun on their own time, the higher their reading scores. And the non-profit First Book tries to help children in under-served areas do just that by giving children free books.

“Millions of books every year to teachers, librarians, people running amazing children’s programs across all 50 states,” said First Book COO Chandler Arnold.

First Book also believes reading and education is the best path out of poverty for kids in need.

“Reading gives kids a chance to discover so many aspects of their lives. Young kids can use books to learn to read, and then as older adults, they can use books to learn about all types of aspects of life: from science to technology, to history, to math, to poetry, and the list goes on and on,” said Arnold.

And now, First Book is partnering with Disney to give away, get this, one million books.

“Please if you’re an educator working with kids from low income families, visit magicofstorytelling.com,” said Arnold.

And if you work with children in need, you can sign up for free books there. And here’s something else you can do to make sure the kiddos get books. Take a shelfie, that’s a selfie with a book, and then post it on social media using the hashtag, #magicofstorytelling.

“One amazing thing about books is they can act as windows and mirrors for children,” said Arnold.

First Book and Disney helping children see themselves and others by looking through windows and mirrors in free books is local good news.

First Book has a team of volunteers here in Memphis, Team First Book Mid-South, who do amazing work to raise funds to provide additional books to educators serving kids in need across Memphis. CLICK HERE to learn more.

To learn more about the Magic of Storytelling, CLICK HERE.

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