Non-profit WiFi for Warriors is helping soldiers stay connected with loved ones

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Memphis, Tenn. ( – Just in time for the holidays, a way for loved ones to stay in touch with soldiers deployed. Local 24 News Weeknight Anchor Katina Rankin takes a look at an organization that’s plugged in and providing internet and streaming to members of the military. It’s local good news.

Meet Kendall and Sydney. They recently began the WiFi for Warriors nonprofit to help soldiers stay in touch with their loved ones when serving our country away from home.

“We raise money to help soldiers stay connected to their families when they are deployed,” said WiFi for Warriors co-founder Kendall Crumbaugh.

The nonprofit began after Labor Day when the Ole Miss alumni met at a lake. Kendall told friends about her brother-in-law Michael, an Army Ranger, being deployed.

“When a soldier is deployed, they have to pay for their own WiFi, which most of them don’t know that until they get there,” said Crumbaugh.

Depending on where a soldier is stationed, it can cost up to $180 a month.

“To hear that these enlisted men and women aren’t able to pay for their WiFi because they have to pay for their kids to go to school, and to have coats, and all the necessities – and you want them to connect to their families when they are over there; and, if they don’t get the opportunity to do that – it’s just sad,” said WiFi For Warriors member Sydney Reece.

Kendall didn’t want her sister Morgan to miss a bit of quality time with her hubby. And she says the WiFi does more than let soldiers chat with family.

“It helps them reintegrate with society when they come back because they’re up-to-date on news, pop culture, shows – just little things that help them feel better about reintegrating with society,” said Crumbaugh.

Learn more about Wifi for Warriors HERE.

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