Local Health Alert: Wound healing & limb preservation solutions for Mid-South patients


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – When a wound won’t heal, or chronic health problems have you battling poor circulation, Methodist Healthcare is offering a solution for its patients.

It’s Wound Healing Center & Limb Preservation Center sits behind Methodist North on New Covington Pike.

“Always feel like I’m in good hands,” explains Michael Cain, a frequent patient.

He says he’s unfortunately prone to falls but has found great care under nurse practitioner Sandy Deimund.

She says she saw a need in the Mid-South community, especially for those with chronic illnesses. “We have a lot of diabetics in Shelby County and when I was doing some research, I found that the amputation rate in Shelby County is higher than the national average for a diabetic,” explains Deimund.

She says smokers, and those with peripheral artery disease should also be monitoring their risks with annual checks. “Just do a cursory check of your circulation,” she says.

The center offers advanced technology with state-of-the-art topicals, antibiotics, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

In Cain’s case, he says his everyday medications were standing in the way of healing after a fall.  “I’m on a blood thinner so, I don’t heal quickly.”

The center was able to clean and care for his wounds and give him the appropriate supplies to use at home.

He says Deimund made him comfortable, “she would show me everything.” He joked, “my wife and I we’re getting ready to put down landscape rock and what not in the front yard and do all these things together and I have an 80% chance of being back up here.”

According to the center typically lasts 12-18 weeks. To make an appointment call 901-516-5766.

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