​​​​​​​Local Health Alert: Couple Who Lost Almost 300 Pounds Thanks St. Francis Hospital

Local Health Alert

A Mid-south couple is crediting St. Francis Hospital for a life-changing weight loss procedure.

Collectively, the Lowes are down almost 300 pounds, and with diet and exercise changes they’re still losing the inches. Both Catina and Travis say their battles with the bulge intensified as young adults.

“Out of high school I went from 175, 180 to two, then three, then four, then it kept going,” explains Travis.

His wife, Catina says “I’ve always been a big girl but when I turned 22, that’s when they started putting me on high blood pressure pills.”

Travis says he tried every diet in the book to take the weight off, but eventually turned to the weight loss center at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis and underwent the gastric bypass procedure.

“I’ve lost over 230 something pounds,” he explains.

“These are laparoscopic surgeries and we do both the bypass and the sleeve,” says Leslie Albers, manager of the Bariatric Program.

The bypass involves creating a smaller pouch for the stomach and then connecting it to the small intestine, starting a metabolic change that alters the way the body reacts to food.

Catina had the same procedure done in October, and after about two weeks of recovery, made diet changes and exercise a part of her regular routine.

“I can run. I can speed walk. I can do jumping jacks. I’m just doing things that I couldn’t do for a long time,” she says.

She’ll walk the runway at Hilton Memphis this week in a beautiful dress, to show off her slimmed down figure and celebrate 15 years of the surgical weight loss center at St. Francis.

“I’m still losing the weight and I’m still losing the inches,” she says.

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