​​​​​​​Local Health Alert: New Guidelines For Aspirin & Heart Health

Local Health Alert

Lots of people rely on Aspirin to keep their heart health in check, but should you take a daily dose?

New guidelines from the American College of Cardiology claim healthy adults should avoid its use and manage their heart health through diet and exercise.

Dr. Steven Gubin, cardiologist and president of Stern Cardiovascular, explains that according to the new information, “If you’re a healthy person, you don’t have any evidence of disease, you shouldn’t take an Aspirin because the risk of bleeding outweighs the benefit.”

He warns, “If you take Aspirin, your risk of a gastrointestinal bleeding is the one thing that goes up the most.”

But for patients who have a high risk of stroke or heart attack, or have already suffered one, Aspirin can and should be used regularly.

“If you had a heart attack, stroke, stent or bypass surgery, you’re on Aspirin for a reason. Please don’t stop it,” explains Dr. Gubin.

He says its benefits outweigh any risks in those cases.

For those monitoring their numbers, including cholesterol and blood pressure, who are not at a high risk of heart attack, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is your best medical option, along with avoiding smoking.

Despite the new ACC guidelines, talk with your medical provider before starting or stopping the use of Aspirin regularly.

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