ER Doctor explains importance of understanding and preventing concussions

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – Fall school sports are back, and so is the threat for concussions. Local 24 News sat down with an ER doctor who explained the ins and out of concussions and how you can keep your kids safe. 

Dr. Dale Criner at St Francis Hospital says, “No concussion is minor.”  

He says the best way to prevent a concussion is to understand the mechanics of one. 

Dr. Criner tells us the skull is a fixed bony structure that houses the brain. The brain is cushioned by Cerebral Spinal Fluid or CSF.

He said, “The brain can move around a little bit inside there. So, whenever you hit really hard, that brain keeps going, bumps into the skull, and ricochets back off.”

If that happens as a result of a rough tackle, or maybe a fall on the playground, Dr. Criner says look out for these signs: drowsiness, loss of sensorium – which means the sense of who you are and your awareness of surroundings – as well as dizziness. 

If your child shows any of these after a head injury, seek immediate medical attention.

Dr. Criner said, “It is very important that after the child sustains a concussion, they absolutely need to take at least 48 hours of no contact at all.”

To reiterate, head to the doctor and once diagnosed, allow your child adequate recovery time.

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