Local Health Alert: healthy school lunch options

Local Health Alert

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Now that students are returning to class, the daily school lunch routine is back too.

We’ve got some healthy lunch ideas to start your child’s day off right with this Local Health Alert.

Getting the family back into school-mode and into healthy eating can be quite the task. A local weight-management expert shares the importance of a healthy school lunch and how you can build one yourself.

“Kids’ behavior and school performance really depends a lot on what they’re eating,” said Leslie Albers with St. Francis Hospital.

Albers is the manager of the weight management program at Saint Francis Hospital. She has seen her share of unhealthy school lunches. She wants to make sure your kids are set up for success. 

“Sometimes kids gravitate towards the chips and dessert, but that’s not something that is going to keep them going through the afternoon,” Albers said.

Instead, she recommends your kids are prepared for the day with foods that provide long-lasting energy. These include at least one complex carbohydrate, meaning whole wheat bread or a granola bar, a protein like turkey or peanut butter, and fruit like a clementine, apple, or banana. And if you must pack your little one something fun, it’s ok, just keep it in moderation.

For ideas on healthy lunches, click here.

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