The Measles Mob Is Ready

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – When it comes to measles, the folks at the Shelby County Health Department say so far in Shelby County, not a single case – knock on wood.

There have been several cases reported in Tennessee, and that’s bad enough.
It is just reason why these folks got together to let you know they are on patrol.
They are “The Measles Mob.”

“Although there have been no cases in Shelby County,” says County Mayor Lee Harris, “… we do have a process in place when a case appears in Shelby County.”

You hear the word quarantine when talking about measles.
It means keep the people with measles away from the people who don’t have measles.

“It’s very easily spread from one person to another,” says Health Department Director Alisa Haushalter. “It is vaccine-preventable, which is the critical message today.”

This is just one reason why any child going to Shelby County Schools must be vaccinated.
It’s just one of the reasons.
There are others, such as Shelby County’s own mini-outbreak of measles three years ago.

“Some of you may recall that we had an outbreak of measles in Shelby County in 2016,” Haushalter says. “We were able to contain that to seven cases, six in Shelby County and one in a surrounding county.”

A news conference announcing there are no measles cases, but if there are any measles cases in the future, they’re ready.
It might sound silly, but it shows just how serious people are taking this disease.

If you are old enough to have had measles as a kid, you don’t have to worry.
If you’ve had the vaccine, check with a doctor to see if you need a booster.
And if the measles do show up, officials say they will do what it takes to isolate the cases.

“You know there are hundreds of cases in other places,” according to Mayor Harris, “… and I think there are a handful of cases in Tennessee. So, I think we’re watchful right now.”

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