​​​​​​​Local I-Team: Residents Concerned New Tiger Estates Could Bring Crime & Traffic

Local I-Team

A new development near the University of Memphis is upsetting nearby residents. It’s going to be called Tiger Estates.

The potential for crime and congestion are the two biggest concerns by people who live in the area.

18 homes and townhouses will be built on the property. Some residents say that’s too much.

Construction is underway at Tiger Estates. Homes are going up, and dirt is being moved.

Its zoned as single family, but that’s probably not who will live here, say residents.

“I just don’t think it’s going to be a good plan, not for this area,” says Melissa Galloway, opposes project.

According to a brochure, it’s going to be a 72-unit community. Residents say the developer plans to rent by the room, similar to a boarding house. It’s supposed to be aimed at students, but residents are concerned, because it’s not officially University of Memphis housing, that anyone could end up renting the rooms, and that could bring crime.

Another big concern, traffic and parking. Four single homes and 14 townhouses are being put on this property. Residents say there is not enough parking on the site to handle the cars, and that means people will have to park on Spottswood. They say traffic on Spottswood is already rough.

“Where are these cars going to go, in the street? There are small streets. You can’t just keep piling cars up,” said Galloway.

Residents are also concerned about the impact on the city’s sewage system. They are concerned about access to the property for emergency vehicles and noise.

Residents say they are also concerned holes that have been cut into a retaining wall on the back of the property for drainage, and that could put the integrity of the wall at risk.

“They’ve put in holes, that’s all we can see from here,” said Galloway. “If this wall collapses, we have a problem. A big one “

People in the neighborhood are soliciting funds to pay for a lawyer to stop the development, but they worry it may be too late.

“You just sort of feel powerless and voiceless in your own city, in your own neighborhood,” said Galloway.

The Local I-Team called and left several messages for the developer and went to his office twice this week. We were told he is not commenting.

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