Lawmaker wants Tennessee hands-free driving law repealed

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A Tennessee state law making it illegal to hold your cell phone while driving only went into effect last July, but already one state lawmaker is trying to repeal it.

Republican Senator Jon Lundberg, who is from Bristol, believes the new law is doing more harm than good. He says people are still holding their phones when they drive but in a way that’s much more dangerous.

“Instead of picking up the phone and holding it like this ((in front of their face)), they are holding it much further away to dial so people can’t see they are on their phone. So they’re not violating the law, which frankly then means it’s having the exact opposite effect. It’s taking people away making them more distracted.” Lundberg said.

Lundberg says if his bill is successful, he’d consider other, more site-specific driver safety legislation like cell phone safety in school or work zones.

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