​​​​​​​ Senate Candidates In Tennessee Spar, Look To Stand Out On Range Of Issues On Final Debate

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Standing by side by side, Democrat Phil Bredesen and Republican Marsha Blackburn made their distinctions and differences known Wednesday night on a range of Tennessee issues, including illegal immigration.

“There are much better ways of doing it then building a wall,” Bredesen said. “In today’s world, with the technology we have, we can do that more effectively and more quickly and less expensively than that. I just think building a wall is political theater.”

“He thinks that building a wall is political theater,” Blackburn responded. “Let me tell you, Tennesseans want to see that wall built, because open border policies have made every town a border town.”


The two candidates also weighed in on health care and the future of the Affordable Care Act.

“Without having anything to replace it, you are in effect voting to remove any ability with someone with pre-existing conditions to receive health care,” Bredesen said.

“The Affordable Care Act (isn’t) affordable,” Blackburn said. “People cannot afford this. Open up the markets across state lines.” 

Both also expressed different ideologies in the balance of gun control versus the right to bear arms.

“Let’s make certain that we harden schools, that we use new technology on those schools but that we protect the Second Amendment,” Blackburn said.

“There should be reasonable things like the restriction of bump stocks and the stuff we’ve talked about mental health,” Bredesen said. “To me that’s a sound place to start. I do not think this is a partisan issue.”

Blackburn and Bredesen also touched on the impact of newly ordered tariffs by President Donald Trump.

“These tariffs are in essence a job killing tax on Tennessee businesses,” Bredesen said. 

“If we are in this trade war, we better be sure that we win this trade war,” Blackburn said.

Early voting in this hotly contested Senate race starts October 17th.

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