​​​​​​​Fans React To Memphis Grizzlies Trade Talks

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Change could be coming to the Grizzlies with talk of trade offers for two of its longest-tenured players. According to guard Mike Conley, both he and center Mark Gasol will be mentioned in potential trade talks.

For fans at Wednesday’s Grizzlies game against the Charlotte Hornets, reaction was mixed.

We’re not happy about it,” said Grizzlies fan Brian Mennen. “Conley and Gasol are a huge part of Memphis. The city loves them, and we’d hate to see them go.”

Trading Gasol, who has a player option on his contract this summer, has been a possibility for some time.

“The team has been on a tough losing streak lately,” said AJ Ryan. “Trades could be good for the team. Maybe bring in some young talent.”

Nothing is a done deal yet, but faced with the likelihood of the players leaving, fans told Local 24 News they will be missed.

“You know, I think, even if they do move on, Memphis is always going to love those guys because they’ve really helped build the team,” said Mennen.

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