​​​​​​​Flu Season Impacting Schools And Causing Concern Among Parents

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The CDC reports widespread flu activity in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. With so many students and teachers in McNairy County, Tennessee, sick, the district made the decision to close school for the rest of the week. This comes as parents across the Mid-South are telling people with sick children to keep them home.

“This flu season is surprise,” said Jasmine House. “I’ve never seen it this bad.”

Talking to Local 24 News from Batesville, Mississippi, Mrs. House said she’s surprised her daughter’s school hasn’t closed.

“People on social media are complaining that everyone is side,” said House.

Since her 7-year-old daughter Kailee was diagnosed with the flu, the mother of two has been in “nurse mode.”

“She has to take meds that she doesn’t want to take,” she said. “I’m constantly washing. That’s my main thing right now. Any little thing she can take and that she will eat and will drink, I’m giving it to her. I’m making sure she stays hydrated and making sure her fever stays gone because it’s tough. That fever is a monster right now.”

The Mississippi mom isn’t alone. Across the Mid-South, parents are caring for children coming down with virus.

“The key thing is fever,” said Dr. Mark Castellaw. “Usually, if you’ve got the flu, you’re going to have a fever 101, 102, 103.”

The virus is so bad in some areas, schools have closed.

In Tennessee, McNairy County Schools took to Facebook alerting parents classes are out for the rest of the week.

“Due to sickness and the significant increase of students checking out sick across the county today, we will be cancelling school for the remainder of the week,” said Director of Schools Greg Martin. “School is dismissed for the remainder of the week. Classes will resume session Monday, February 11th.”

Administration is asking staff and teachers who aren’t sick to help sanitize.

Pharmacies are even taking to social media telling people to stock up on over the counter remedies if they can’t afford Tamiflu.

As she continues to care for her daughter, Jasmine House reminds parents, if anyone in your household is sick, get them to a doctor and keep them home.

“You don’t want to get anyone else sick,” she said. “I would just advise everyone to clean, pay attention, and if you don’t know something, ask your doctor.”

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