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Local 24 News political analyst and commentator Otis Sanford shares his point of view on Governor-Elect Bill Lee.

Governor-Elect Bill Lee’s 20-point victory in last week’s election should be used as an example to others in both political parties, particularly Republicans, of how to run a campaign without attacking the opposition. And if he governs the same way, Lee could possibly help take the lead in changing the toxic political discourse that has this nation woefully divided.

In both the Republican primary and general election, Lee never once aired a negative campaign ad against his opponents, and instead spoke positively about his ideas for leading state government.

You can take issue with some of his campaign rhetoric, including his reluctance to expand Medicaid for nearly 300,000 working Tennesseans. Or his refusal to consider medical marijuana for those who need it. Plus, Lee has given mostly vague responses so far about education, criminal justice reform, and even economic development. And his lack of government experience at any level has some questioning how he will handle the numerous egos in the state legislature.

But no one can question his demeanor or his likeability. Which is why others in politics, including the person currently occupying the White House, could learn a thing or two from Lee about civility, decency and compromise. Lee proved without a doubt that positive campaigns can and do work. And naming calling, even racial innuendos, are unnecessary.

Hopefully others are taking notice. And that’s my point of view.

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