​​​​​​​Local 24 Political Analyst/Commentator Otis Sanford On St. Rep. Antonio Parkinson’s Bills

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Local 24 News political analyst and commentator Otis Sanford shares his point of view on recent proposals by St. Rep. Antonio Parkinson.

From the looks of things, state House member Antonio Parkinson is one of the busiest lawmakers in Nashville. With the 2019 legislative session really just getting started, Parkinson has been busy filing and promoting bills that could have a significant impact on lots of Memphis residents.

One proposal that Parkinson is still crafting would require school districts around the state to come up with a code of conduct for campus visitors, primarily parents and guardians. The central part of the code would prevent adults from coming to a school improperly dressed.

Parkinson says the impetus for the proposed new law stems from complaints from principals and administrators that some parents are showing up in provocative clothing, including lingerie.

The other bill that Parkinson has already filed would allow someone with a criminal record, but is eligible for an expungement, to have that record expunged quicker by paying an additional $250 fee. Parkinson says an expedited expungement process would allow people to get on with their lives quicker.

I believe that both of these proposals are well-meaning. But I don’t believe they are necessary. School administrators already have authority to govern what goes on in their schools. And indecent exposure laws are already on the books. As for expungements, the push lately has been to reduce court fees not raise them.

At any rate, Parkinson deserves credit for working hard at the state capital. And that’s my point of view.

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