​​​​​​​WEB EXTRA: Protecting Yourself – Common Items Can Be Keys To Defense

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Deputy Alex Coker is a trained law enforcement professional, but he also teaches self-defense classes to women. 

In this web extra exclusive, Deputy Coker shows us how to use common things in your purse that could save your life if you’re put in a dangerous situation. In this segment, you’ll learn how items like a whistle, mace, letter opener, pen, vase, figurine, light weights, and even your purse strap can help fight off an attacker. 

Deputy Coker says remember these three words: Avoid, Deny, Defend. 

“Run away if you can, if you can’t deny the bad guy. If you can’t deny him then you’ve got to defend yourself,” Deputy Coker explained. 

He says to also try a barrier if you’re in your home, lock the doors, windows, grab something to put up against the door. There are so many things to do, but most importantly be confident and use common sense. 

Click on the video above for a full breakdown of how to use these items. 

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