A Second Shot, A Love Story 52 Years Strong

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After more than half a century together, the Fosters are proof that you can find a lasting love the second time around.

“What I didn’t know was they also knew Joyce and they invited her. We both ended up at a dinner we didn’t know it was going to be a blind date,” recalled Ron Foster.

Side by side at the Brookdale senior living home in Germantown, Ron and Joyce Foster remembered the first time they met more than half a century ago in Indiana. Ron was 25 years old. Joyce was 28.

“He kinda caught my eye,” said Joyce.

“We each had a kid. Joyce had a girl and I had a boy, so the rest is history,” said Ron.

Ron was widowed and had a 5-year-old son. Joyce was divorced and had a 22-month-old daughter. It was a second shot at love for them both. 

“It was a good fit for her and I. It wasn’t a good fit for our parents. Our parents didn’t think it was going to work so they didn’t come to the wedding,” said Ron.

This May will mark 52 years of marriage for the Fosters.

“That’s right, we showed them didn’t we,” Ron said laughing.

“The first we decided was if we decided to get married it was forever. There was no out clause. I think today too many people look at divorce as well if it doesn’t work out get divorced. We agreed we didn’t want to that mainly because of the kids and us. They’ve been through enough and we need to work to get them settled in,” Ron explained.

Through the years, Joyce earned a living watching kids and working at a light company. Ron pursued an education and career in mechanical engineering. Together they have four children and nine grandchildren. They have lived in several states from Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida. About two months ago, they moved to Tennessee near one of their daughters.

“We just had it as a mindset that we’d get through this one way or another,” said Ron.

Their secret to lasting love? There are a few things.

For one, Joyce pranks Ron every April Fools’ Day.

“She’s had me on the road, deck of our house looking for a balloon and I’m stupid enough,” said Ron.

“But you have to have fun you have to keep humor in it,” Joyce said smiling.

“I still think she’s still pretty good looking,” said Ron when asked how they keep their spark alive.

In all seriousness, Ron and Joyce talked about be honest and open. They explained how when they apologized to each other, they did so in front of their kids.

They also agreed to “forever” before they ever got married and were committed to working out their issues.

“The secret to a lasting marriage? Is to stay very faithful,” advised Joyce.

“Letting the Lord guide your life, let the bible be the book,” said Ron.

The couple said they’ve had their share of ups and downs, but over the past 52 years it’s been more good than anything.

“We’ve been blessed. We’ve done a lot of neat things and seen a lot of places and done a lot of things people just dream about, and we’ve had a good time together doing it,” said Ron.

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