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Did a Memphis teen murder her mother or was she falsely accused? Eleven years after being sent to prison for her mother’s stabbing death Noura Jackson is now free. 

The conviction was overturned, and Jackson was set free last year.  

Tonight on ABC’s  20/20, Jackson sits down with John Quinones for an exclusive interview.

Noura Jackson’s didn’t take the stand during her trial.   

“This case tonight is full of twists and turns. One minute will have you believing she did it the next maybe she didn’t,” said Quinones.

20/20 Producers have spent months digging through documents, doing interviews, piecing together what happened the night Jennifer Jackson was murdered.

When the Local I- Team asked Quinones what Jackson’s demeanor was like during the interview?  He replied,  “she was very shaken and nervous, she had trouble sitting down with us but when she did she finally started telling the story.”

When asked about being released from prison, a video clip shows  Jackson saying, “She didn’t think it was real.” 

Jackson also talks about the night she found her mother dead and her time spent in prison.

Reporter Jeni Diprizio asked Quinones,” “Do you think she was being truthful during the interview?”His response, “It’s always hard to tell. We not only did the interview but spent more time with her driving around Memphis and discussing the case.”

When asked about what Jackson had to adjust to life after prison, Quinones said  “You’ll see her tonight trying to grapple with a smartphone for the first time.” adding things changed a lot during the time Jackson was in prison.

The Jackson special airs tonight on 20/20 at 9 PM

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