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Adult Film Star Who Claims To Have Had Sexual Relationship With President Performs In Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who said she had an affair with President Trump, visited the Mid-South Monday. She was in town for a one night performance at The Pony Club on Winchester Road.


"Stormy Daniels is the biggest thing that has come to an adult club in 20 years," said club owner Jerry Westlund. "Obviously the gentlemen's club is totally different here. It's changed. The laws have changed. We're not really gentlemen's clubs. We're entertainment venues. Bringing Stormy Daniels to Memphis has move of a buzz going on. We don't know what to do with the people that keep calling in. We finally took the phones off the hook and told people to come on down."


The x-rated actress is currently involved in a legal battle with the president and his lawyer. According to reporters, the adult film star says the they paid her hush money to stay quiet about the affair.


Daniels is currently touring clubs across the country. Memphis is one of her latest stops.


According to club employees, Monday's performance was a sold out show.


"I would just like to see what she's about and how she attracted him, a billionaire," said Herman Ray.


"I just came to say just to say I came," said Winfred Beasley. "There's a lot of publicity behind Stormy and Donald Trump. I don't necessarily agree with the different stuff that they're coming after him on or whatever but again, with all the publicity I had to come down."


Local 24 spoke to one woman who says she came to support a fellow female.


"My husband thinks she is a beautiful woman. So why not be here?," said Amanda Sharp. "Women are empowering. Why not support them and promote them.  Women spend too much time tearing one another down and it's time to not do that anymore. It's time to come out and support other beautiful women."


The owner says this is the most packed it's been in years.


Supporters and employees of The Pony said there was a lot of promoting that went into the event. For all the support there was some negative reaction on social media.


"I would say, come on out for yourself and then make a decision," said Westlund. "That's what you need to do! Come out and see for yourself."


Local 24 caught up with club patrons following Stormy Daniels performance. They said she did not disappoint.


"She was patriotic," said Keith Barber. "No reference to Donald Trump. It was very newsworthy."


"It was beautiful," said Cocolena Black. "It was wonderful."


"It was amazing," said Alyssa Bass. "It was kind of thick in there. It was great. Everybody enjoyed themselves."

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