Aftermath Of Tom Lee Park Violence Caught On Camera, Cameraman Speaks Out

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Warm weather is bringing people to local parks, but an otherwise pleasant Sunday turned violent at Beale Street Landing.

Cell phone video captured people running after shots were fired during a fight sending one to the hospital.

 Keith Turks was exercising in Tom Lee Park when he caught the aftermath on camera.

The Midtown businessman shot video after his evening run Sunday.

Even before what he says was a fight and gunshots he says he saw groups of people cursing and smoking pot in the park with no signs of the cops.

With more warm days ahead could this scene play out again on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Turks describe Sunday’s scene at Beal Street Landing as total chaos.

A few good days of unseasonably warm February weather brought Turks out to Tom Lee Park for an evening run.

The Midtown businessman says walkway where he was running became more like an obstacle course.

“I had to dodge people and run into he grass instead of running on the sidewalk,” said Turks.

Turks says he had to maneuver around the several crowds of people smoking pot and cursing.

He says he crossed Riverside Drive to go up the stairs where his car was parked when turned to see the same groups of people fighting.

That’s when Turks reached for his cell phone.

“By the time I got to actually record it the fight was over, but I did see them swinging,” said Turks. “It was a couple of guys, they were jumping each other, and people were jumping in.  

I just hear five gunshots, and by that time everybody just started running.”

Mayor Jim Strickland says Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings has a plan for to handle safety matters that arise when the temperatures rise.

“February is warmer than it’s ever been, but I believe he’s going to start that procedure in February instead of waiting until April or May,” said Strickland.

An MPD spokesperson says they’ll expand patrols on the river as it gets warmer.

The person who went to the hospital with injuries is expected to recover.

Police are looking for the shooters in this incident.

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