Allergy and Mosquito Season Starting Early in the Mid-South

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Itchy eyes, runny noses, and sore throats are nothing new for people in the Mid-South.

Memphis is one of the worst cities for allergies. However, most people are getting hit with the symptoms much earlier than normal due to the unusually high temperatures.

 “I remember my first sinus infection in high school and twice a year when the weather would change, but now it changes daily,” said Cindy Hurley who says her allergies have been flaring up lately. 

With it being so warm, everything is blooming early. According to the National Weather Service, so far in the month of February, there have been 14 days with temperatures 60 or higher. The same period last year, there were only six days with similar temperatures.  

With it being so warm, things are in bloom, and that means the staff at the Little Clinic inside the Kroger in Arlington is really busy.

“We are in the downturn of flu season and the beginning uptick of allergy season,” said Elly Armah who is a nurse practitioner at the Little Clinic.

Armah says it’s time to start taking over-the-counter medications now. 

“Whether you have a history or you start showing symptoms now it’s best to start early and arm yourself,” said Armah.

Armah also says allergy and sinus sufferers should avoid going out during peak pollen time which is between 10 a.m. and noon. 

Armah says frequent showers to wash off the pollen is also helpful. 

Another earlier than expected problem as a result of the warm weather is mosquitoes. The typical summertime insects are making an early appearance in Shelby County. 

The county is planning to start treating standing water for possible mosquito eggs earlier than usual.

County health officials say they plan to start their mosquito treatment plan in late March or early April.  

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