Arkansas Man Claims He Found Dead Mouse Inside Energy Drink Can

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A south Arkansas man describes an unpleasant surprise he claims he found while sipping an energy drink. 

Josh Henley, better known to his friends as Butterbean, says he bought a can of Red Bull at a gas station in Hamburg Sunday night. 

He says he didn’t drink all of it, and left the can in his car overnight. 

When he poured out the remainder in the morning, he discovered a dead mouse inside the can. 

“When I emptied it out, I heard that thud, I was like ‘what is that?!’, and I said ‘oh my God’ so I said ‘I gotta film it ‘cuz nobody’s gonna believe it’, so, I cut it open and my God, it’s a big ol’ mouse in there,” says Josh Henley.

The video has gotten thousands of hits on social media. 

Josh says he doesn’t think the mouse crawled into the can on its own because he saw no other signs it had been in his car. 

He say he’s reached out to Red Bull, but hasn’t heard back. 

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