Bandit Steals Holiday Lights In Germantown

Local News
People in Germantown like holidays a lot, but there is a culprit in the area who does not.
“Sounds like the Grinch. It just not in the Christmas spirit. They don’t get the reason for the season,” 
said Willie Skipper whose lights are gone.
Skipper’s family hangs lights every year for Christmas but within 24 hours of plugging an LED projector, someone stole it, leaving a dark home and an extension chord on the ground. The culprit hit two other homes nearby, one celebrating Hanukkah. 
So we went to investigate this modern day Grinch.
Maria Hallas, Local I-Team: “Do you think he has socks two sizes too small?” 
Victim: “It’s possible, it’s possible.” 
Maria Hallas: “Do you think he has a heart, that’s two sizes too small?”
Victim: “Probably, most likely.”
Police recommend placing lights close to the home and securing them in ways that make them tough to remove. They also suggest, if removable, like an LED projector, that you bring the projector inside at night before you turn in.
“It made me feel sad because makes you feel like you’re taking away Christmas,” said Jylan Skipper, 11-year-old victim. 
But no one can stop the holidays. In the words of Dr. Suess, holidays will always be, just as long as we have we.

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