Beloved Grahamwood Elementary crossing guard is back after being hit by a car

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MEMPHIS, Tenn., ( – Flora Wallace –or “Miss Flo” as she is known by the Grahamwood Elementary community– returned to work Wednesday after a two-month recovery. She was hit by a car in the crosswalk after a driver failed to slow down in the school zone. 

Shelby County Schools is proposing adding flashing “school zone” signs on both sides of the street where Wallace works. She was hit near the intersection of Graham Street and Faxon Avenue. Wallace wants to remind drivers to be mindful in a school zone and to be aware of children crossing the street. 

“They need to realize this is a school zone,” Wallace.  “It could have been a child crossing.”

She said, “this is not a job, but a joy for me.”

Wallace was incredibly excited to be back doing what she loves.

“I get up every morning and look forward to coming here,” she said.

Her recovery took two months of physical therapy and following the doctor’s orders to help her feel strong enough to return to work. She said she is just grateful that it was not one of her students who was hurt by a car. 

“They need to be protected,” Wallace said. “That’s our job.”

Misty Feller has a daughter at Grahamwood Elementary and she and her daughter always feel safe because Wallace does a good job directing traffic and stopping cars while people cross the street. She said she saw Wallace even practice her job before returning, so she knew she was ready. 

“Before she actually came back,” Feller said. “We didn’t even know it was her because she had a sweat uniform on and she was walking up and down with the traffic to see how she could do with the kids.” 

Wallace is appreciated for her dedication to the students and she is loved for her determination to protect. 

“We really love all our crossing guards, but she’s really special to this school,” Feller said. 

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