Beth Harwell Thinks Her Experience As House Speaker Makes Her The Better Candidate For TN Governor

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Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell hopes experience will make her Governor next year. State capitol newsroom reporter Chris Bundgaard says the speaker thinks it’s a major difference with the other Republican candidates.

Harwell maintains she’s ready for the job of Governor on day one. After a public radio interview at Nashville’s WPLN Tuesday, Harwell stressed what she feels is a major difference between her and the other three major Republican candidates for Governor.

“I think it’s all great on what you want to do and your political promises, but I have political results,” said Harwell. “I have actually led our state. We have had eight balanced budgets.”

Speaker Harwell argues that leading 98-other Tennessee House members from Memphis to Mountain City prepares you for being Governor like little else.

“I am almost amused at the other people running for Governor who say ‘here is what I am going to do when I am governor’ and the bottom line is they are not going to do anything that the TN General Assembly doesn’t allow them to do,” said Harwell.

As Tennessee’s first woman speaker, Harwell says she knows what state lawmakers will and won’t do.

The other Republican candidates stress their business backgrounds or D.C. leadership on tax cuts, while Harwell says it’s all about what she has been doing.

“At the end of the day, do you want someone who understands state government or not? And I do understand state government,” said Harwell.

While not getting into the attack fray of two of the other candidates, Beth Harwell hopes she’ll surprise some people on August 2nd.

Early voting in the statewide August primary for Governor begins this Friday, July 13th.

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