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Bird Scooter Boogie In Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - So, you've got your scooters, you've got your bicycles, and what you also need to have is rules and regulations.

People were buzzing around Memphis City Hall on the Bird Scooters. They are equipped with electric motors and can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

Nashville was overwhelmed when Bird Scooters opened for business with them. They were caught unprepared and told the company to scoot out of town. A few other cities did the same thing.

Memphis Chief Operations Officer Doug McGowen says Bird Scooters learned from their earlier problems. They didn't anticipate that there was going to be reactions from the cities when they came to town," he said. "They just deployed their business model."

It was different when the company came to Memphis. City Councilman Kemp Conrad says Bird Scooters has been anything but for the birds.

"Bird has been a great partner," according to Conrad. "They've come in here. They have been super responsive. They've been out in the community. They've had every meeting we told them to have. They've done a great job."

City Council members were told that regulations are now being drawn up, rules of the ride-sharing road for these things. Basic things like where to park.

"You certainly cannot park the bikes or scooters in any way that impedes a handicap ramp or impedes on a sidewalk," says Doug McGowen.  "You can't park it in a designated on-street parking spot, if it's a metered space. But if it’s a non-metered space, you can park it next to the curb, where you would park the car. So, in many ways, you treat it just like a vehicle."

Two Memphis City Council members who are involved with bringing Bird here, who say they aren't making a dime on the scooters, say this is good for Memphis.

City Council Chairman Berlin Boyd said, "I think we're in a good position to continue to be innovative and ahead of the curve."

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