Bongo Lady and other Grizzlies fans hope Marc Gasol wins NBA championship

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MEMPHIS, Tenn., ( Marc Gasol was traded earlier this year to the Toronto Raptors, but Grizzly fans are showing the love no matter where he goes.

I like to see the Raptors because it reminded me of us in so many ways, Malenda Meacham said. This is their first time to the finals, and it would be great to see them win a championship.

Meacham is the Grizzlies superfan also known as Bongo Lady. She has been a diehard fan of Gasol throughout his professional career. She was heartbroken to see him leave for Toronto, but she would love nothing more than to see him win a championship ring.

He’s a Memphian, Meacham said. And I know originally he’s from Spain but when Pau was playing for us you know he grew up here and went to Lausanne.

Grizzly fans eagerly watched the game to see if Game 5 would be the winning game for the Raptors. One fan said, He contributes a lot to the city, he did really well for the Grizzlies and I want to see him get a championship and win one.

Another fan said Marc is an extension of Memphis basketball no matter where he goes.

No matter where they go you always have to have grizzlies in your blood and that’s what he is, A fan said. Marc Gasol is grit and grind.

Meacham said Gasol will always have a family of Grizzly fans here in Memphis full of unconditional support.

We just embraced him, and he embraced us and so he’s a Memphian and that’s why we’re going to support our own, Meacham said. We always do that.

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