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Carriage Horse Injured On Main Street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Local 24 News has obtained photos of a carriage horse that collapsed in the heart of downtown.  
Memphis Police say the call came in around 7 p.m. for an injured horse at Monroe and South Main.
Hunter Demster snapped photos Friday night of the struggling horse downtown.  Dumster was with his God daughter walking on Main Street, when they noticed the horse laid on the ground surrounded by people.  He wants the city to do without these downtown fixtures. 
"How is this still happening in 2017?! People are outraged," Demster explained.  "We went to the 901 exposure and as we were walking back I think I saw five police cars, eight police officers marked off an entire block and they weren't letting anyone in and I saw a sheet draped over the horse."
Memphis Police say the horse had an injured leg and was taken away on a truck.  The collapse of the carriage horse has Demster and many others concerned for its safety and other carraige horses.  Demster posted the pictures on his Facebook page and the post has nearly 400 shares.  
"And I've been getting a lot of messages from my Facebook post and from what I can understand there's not much regulation involved in it. If I had it my way I'll get rid of it, seems like an archaic practice to me," Demster explained. 
Video of the horse struggling with the injury downtown gives horse lovers chills.  
"When I see those horses, I see them standing behind cars spewing fumes right in there face. I come out here on days where it's hard for me to breathe more or less a horse pulling a carriage full of people," Demster explained.  "At minimum I think we should look into the regulations that goes on with these animals." 
Local 24 News is still working to find out who the horse belongs to.  As far as what exactly caused the injury, that is still under investigation. 

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