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A government shutdown, a colleague’s reported feud with the President, and his own political future is what Senator Bob Corker addressed Thursday in Tennessee.

Corker continued traveling around the state, trailed by questions about President Trump.

“I have not talked to the President this week,” says Corker. “I have talked with Secretary Kelly, mean Chief of Staff Kelly, I have talked with Tillerson.”

One week after questioning President Trump’s stability and competence in some situations like the Charlottesville tragedy, Senator Corker was asked if he was concerned about reports of a troubled relationship between the President and Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Corker said he talked with McConnell Wednesday. “I don’t know who is creating a situation where so much of this is being reported and discussed, but look, Mitch is our leader and we have a number of tough issues to deal with. I know he is in conversations with the White House and people, he needs to be dealing with the next issue coming up and that is tax reform.”

Then there is the threat of a government shutdown mentioned by the President in his speech Tuesday.

The Senator addressed it this way. “People are feeling robust about the future and they’ll continue to feel that way if we keep government running. Sometimes we have those little blurbs as we have seen in the past that create a lot of insecurity.”

And there is the lingering issue of whether Senator Corker will run again. He stayed with his standard answer of there will be a time and place for that.

The Senator was in Clarksville for the groundbreaking of an lG Appliance plant that comes with 600 new jobs. 

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