Children Injured On Delta Fair Ride Talk Exclusively To The Local I-Team

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For the first time in an exclusive interview, two of the children who suffered broken bones on the Moonraker ride are speaking out about their terrifying experience. The Moonraker ride at the Delta Fair remains closed after an accident on the ride sent eight people to the hospital, four with broken bones.
Sixteen year old “Faith Parrish and her cousin 11- year-old Hollie Manard say the Moonraker felt like it was almost perpendicular to the ground  when safety bars unexpectedly lifted.  Both cousins were near the top of the ride, furthest from the ground.
“This is not something everybody goes through. Nobody understands what happened,” said Manard, who wept openly.
Parish was told she broke her collar bone and wrist.
“I could’ve died this could’ve been the day I could’ve died I was so close to it and when it finally sinks you just don’t know what to do and I just sat there crying,” she said. 
Parrish says she dangled from the lap bars and held on as long as she could, eventually plummeting down and hitting the metal railing in the middle of the ride.
Manard said she thought the ride itself was falling so she jumped onto the metal railing, breaking her foot. 
“I was going to die. I thought every one on that ride was going to die,” Manard said.
Casey Lott,  a personal injury attorney with the law firm Langston & Lott, P.A., represents both families.
“If we have to bring a civil action to hold them accountable for what they did to these children for what these children have gone through, then that is what we’ll do. But no child should have to hang from a safety harness and think that they are about to die. That is a very traumatic experience for anyone especially a child,” Lott said. 
Pauline Owens, Parrish’s mother became emotional.
“It is hard for me to look at Hollie and see her crying or look at Faith and see her crying or  my other daughter Kira or Jonathan or any of the children that were involved in this,” Owens said.
Owens says the girls are in pain, cannot sleep,  cry often and have panic attacks where they hear the screaming all over again. 
Mark Lovell, President of Delta Fair made the following statement in response to this story.
“We dispute the ride was at or near a 90 degree angle when the bars released. It is unfortunate that people were hurt. We are taking precautions to make sure the ride is safe, we are opening the ride tomorrow, and I and my daughter will be riding the Moonraker.”

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