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Cooper-Young Neighbors Furious About Afternoon Attempted Carjacking

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - Neighbors are outraged and united, after a woman was terrorized in the middle of the afternoon by four teenagers.

Memphis Police said two of the four teens are still wanted after an attempted carjacking Wednesday in Cooper-Young spilled over across the Southern Avenue railroad tracks, putting other young people at risk, Officers arrested 19-year-old Monterio Smith and a 14-year-old boy.

The victim told Local 24 she’s lucky to be alive and still in shock after she fought off her attackers.

"They are kids,” the friend of the victim said. “I have a daughter that's older than that!"

According to MPD, the teenagers pounced on the victim when she pulled into a driveway.

"I've always lived in Midtown and now I'm ready to move to the country,” the victim’s friend said.

That woman is furious and didn’t want her face shown because she’s still scared.

The victim told Local 24 the teenagers came up to her car and asked for her phone.

When she said no, one of the teenagers pulled a gun, demanded her keys and punched her.

The teens took off only when the woman honked her horn and yelled for help.

"I think she was upset, but I think it really hit her when she got home," the victim’s friend said.

Investigators said two of the teenagers ran onto a nearby porch across Southern Avenue - drenched in sweat - and tried to blend in with a group of children.

"That's terrible,” the grandmother of those children said. “That's ridiculous, OK, and that's scary."

Officers spotted a 14-year-old boy and 19-year-old Monterio Smith and arrested both when the victim identified them.

"I hope they put you in jail for a long time,” the victim’s friend said. “You do not walk up to people and pull guns.”

Memphis Police said the teenagers used a BB gun in the attempted carjacking.

Cooper-Young leaders said there are roughly 70 private security cameras rolling always in the neighborhood

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