CUTE! Memphis Zoo announces birth of African penguin chicks

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(MEMPHIS ZOO NEWS RELEASE) – Memphis Zoo is excited to announce the birth of two new African penguin chicks. The chicks were born at the end of October to dad Cameron and mom Tulip.  This birth brings the total number of penguins at Memphis Zoo to 20.  These two chicks are the 41st and 42nd chicks to be hatched and reared at the Memphis Zoo. 

Currently the chicks are not on exhibit but are behind the scenes where they are being hand-raised. Memphis Zoo will inform the public on when they will be on exhibit for everyone to see.

Zookeepers should be able to determine the sex of the chicks in the next few weeks. 

About African Penguins 

The African black-footed penguin can be found in large colonies in southern and southwestern Africa. They are one of 17 species of penguins found in the world and are considered the most endangered type of penguins. 

(Video/pictures courtesy of Memphis Zoo)

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