David Moore Leaves Tigers, Brady White Is New Memphis Quarterback

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University of Memphis head football coach Mike Norvell has been saying he was hoping to name a starting quarterback really soon. Now, one of the two who were competing for the spot made the decision for him.

Brady White and David Moore have been battling for the starting job since spring. From all appearances, the competition was tight and extremely competitive. Now the battle is over, with Moore abruptly deciding to leave the Memphis football program. The redshirt sophomore wasn’t at practice Tuesday morning.

Norvell has this to say about what happened: “David Moore is no longer a part of the program, and he has elected to, to explore other options, and decided to transfer, and I wish him all the best in the future. I can tell you that he’s got a lot of people that are, that have been in his ear to, you know, for that situation, and he understands, he understands this is… only one guy gets to play quarterback, and we evaluate everything. We are honest with our guys on where they are, what they need to improve on, what they need to do, and you know, David is a fine young man, and I hope it works out well for him… Brady is going to be our starting quarterback. You know we had a pretty good sense these last… he’s been developed very well, and, you know, he’s played at a high level, one of the smartest young men I’ve ever been around, He’s, he’s done a great job of coming in, and really the ownership within this team is, is absolutely incredible. He’s a great young man. You know when he stands in front of a team and tells them something he goes to work every day trying to do that. That’s what, that’s what gives me a great deal of confidence in him.”

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