Day 7 Of Holly Bobo Murder Trial: Witnesses Testify That Zach Adams Confessed To Them

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The prosecution finished presenting its case on Day 7 of the Holly Bobo murder trial. Since there is no DNA evidence linking Adams to the crime, Monday, a long list of witnesses testified to what Zach Adams reportedly said or did.

Week two of the murder trial began Monday with testimony from a dispatcher who took a disturbing 911 call from the grandfather of Zach Adams the day Holly Bobo disappeared.

Adams is on trial for the rape, kidnapping, and murder of the 20-year-old nursing student in Decatur County, about 120 miles east of Memphis, in 2011.

The grandfather of Zach Adams called 911 three times the night Bobo disappeared, saying his grandson was on drugs and acting crazy, looking for a gun. It’s just one of the things the jury heard Monday.

“I brought up the fact Holly Bobo was missing. Zach proceeded to clear the whole house,” testified Anthony Phoenix.

On the stand Phoenix testified that after Bobo’s disappearance, whenever her name was mentioned, Adams would act nervous and paranoid. He says one time, there was even a conversation about raping women.

“He said, ‘I couldn’t have picked a prettier b***h?’” asked the prosecutor.

Phoenix answered yes.

“And you don’t remember what was said next, but then he said, ‘it was fun?’” asked the prosecutor.

Again, Phoenix answered yes.

“And was there any doubt he was talking about Holly Bobo?” asked the prosecutor. Phoenix answered “none.”

Also on the stand, convicted sex offender Terry Britt, who was originally a suspect. He testified that being at the center of the TBI investigation almost wrecked his life. The TBI found no evidence linking him to the crime.

When asked if he kidnapped, raped, or killed Holly Bobo, Britt answered no, adding, “No, I’ve never seen that girl in my life.”

One by one, former drug buddies of Zach Adams and people Adams had met in local jails testified to what Adams told them.

“He said, I’ll kill you like I did holly Bobo,” says Carl Statelier.

“He said if I knew where the knife had been, I’d be afraid to hold it,” testified Jamie Darnell.

Corey Rivers testified while in jail with Adams, he and and the accused talked. He testified Adams told him Bobo was chopped up and parts were put in different parts of Tennessee.

“Said he and his friends got drunk and went into the woods with a girl and I was there for the worst of it,” says Rivers.

“He said soon as the trial is over, he is going home because they have no body, no weapon, no motive,” testified Chris Swift.

One fellow inmate testified that when Adams learned that inmate was being transferred to the same prison where Adams brother Dillion was being held, Zach Adams said to give his brother this message. That Dylan is also charged with the same crime.

“You tell him if he don’t keep his mouth shut, I’ll put him in a hole beside Holly,” testified Shawn Cooper.

The first witness called by the defense was Rita Austin. Austin’s son was also implicated in the Bobo case. After signing an immunity agreement with prosecutors, Austin committed suicide in 2015. “He said he’s innocent in all this and I believe him,” testified Rita Austin.

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