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Democrats And Republicans Fight Like Cats And Dogs Over Early Voting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Maybe it was a sign. Early voting in Shelby County starting Friday, the 13th of July.

If that's not scary enough, Shelby County's Democratic Party is frightened about the Agricenter in East Memphis. For the first four days of early voting, it'll be the only place you can vote.

Robert Meyers is the Chairman of the Shelby County Election Commission. He says, "The Agricenter is kind of geographically and statistically, and geographically in the heart of the county, and statistically about even as far as the number of Republicans versus Democrats camp."

Meyers is a Republican, chairman of the Republican majority Election Commission. But those Democrats aren't happy campers about this.

"There's no other way to call it," according to Corey Strong. "This is a clear attempt at voter suppression."

Strong is also upset the commission will open five new early voting places, but three of them are in strong Republican areas. He says that makes it easy for Republicans, but hard for Democrats.

"Three of the new voting locations are in districts that Donald Trump won by 20%," Strong said. "Take a look back at the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton won this county by 27%. So it's a 40 point difference."

If you think politics is involved with this issue, well both sides say no, but you figure it out.

Robert Meyers says, "My view of the complaint by the Democratic party is that they don't understand that we're required to serve not just one segment of the population but the whole county."

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