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​​​​​​​Devoted or Deceived? Sherra Wright's Former Lover Talks Only to Local 24 News

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Kelvin Cowans says he was in a serious, two-year relationship with Sherra Wright that ended a year ago. Wright is now locked up, charged with the murder of her ex-husband and former Memphis basketball star, Lorenzen Wright.

Local 24’s Richard Ransom interviewed Cowans in the same Harbor Town restaurant, Tug’s, where he and Sherra often dated. The restaurant sits in the shadow of the Pyramid, where Lorenzen Wright played so many times.

A free-lance writer for the New Tri-State Defender, Cowans met Sherra Wright while working on a story about the five-year anniversary of Lorenzen’s murder.

He said that within two weeks, the couple was in love. “Absolutely. No doubt about it,” Cowans said.  “She was my friend.”

Cowans said with Sherra, he found a chance to have the family he never had. He said, "I was thinking, ‘what would my life be like if my mom had found a husband and stuck it out with us?’" 

As an ex-con who had long since changed his life, Cowans also said he wasn’t about to judge Sherra on others’ whispers that she may have had a role in Lorenzen’s murder. "So, I gave her a chance and looked past the rumors,” he said.

Six months later, the couple and five of the Wright children moved to Houston to start a new life. Cowan’s main job as an auto carrier/transporter was going well.

“We were in a beautiful neighborhood,” Cowans said. “The kids were excelling and making new friends. Girlfriends. Getting honor roll. The things that matter to me."

Cowans said the couple loved watching murder mysteries together. In addition, the subject of Lorenzen’s murder was hardly taboo. “It was discussed openly. One recurring thing she would ask me a lot was ‘do you think they’ll even find who killed Lorenzen?’ I was like, ‘yes.’  My answer was always ‘yes, we’re going to find out someday.’ I said, ‘people talk.’”

The couple talked about marriage. Cowans said they would look at rings and “it very well could have happened.” But it never did. Cowans said the constant trips to Memphis for court hearings dealing with the children’s estate were getting tiring and expensive. 

Then, one day, Cowans said Sherra learned that Lorenzen’s father, who was executor of the children’s estate, got a more than $200,000 royalty check from a video game Lorenzen was featured in. Sherra wanted some of the money. “She wouldn't let it go and that was really a turning point," he said.

In early February 2017, Cowans moved back to Memphis. He says he and Sherra remained friends. Until one day, last November, when he was forced to ask himself a serious question. “I had to ask if I was looking at grief (in Sherra’s behavior), or guilt?”

Thursday on Local 24 News at 10, see how Cowans is now questioning many things that happened in his many months as Sherra Wright’s lover.

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