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At least two local dogs are being treated for severe burns. According to Memphis Animal Services, Memphis Police Officers rescued two different dogs from two separate locations on the same day.

The dogs were named Cagney and Lacey. One was picked up near Airways and Shelby Drive in South Memphis. The other near New Allen and Raleigh-Millington Road in North Memphis.

Officials believe the cases are connected and the dogs were burned intentionally.

“This was someone who had intent to hurt these animals. To scar these animals. And to destroy their spirits,” said Alexis Pugh, Director of Memphis Animal Services.

Meet Cagney and Lacey. Two young dogs that were rescued a week ago and brought to Memphis Animal Services. 

Cagney and Lacey were found more than 20 miles apart both with similar severe burns.

Dr. Jessica Seratt with Wolfchase Animal Hospital said, “We’re not sure if they’re chemical. It could be hot grease or boiling water can also do similar kind of thermal burns.”

MAS officials contacted Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Group who took Cagney and Lacey to Wolfchase Animal Hospital where they’re being treated.

“Pain management is key. We’ve been working really hard to manage these guys pain,” Dr. Seratt said.

According to Dr. Serattthese, “Young pups will bounce back. She said, “Dogs are amazing, resilient healing creatures.”

Everyone involved in their rescue wants justice for Cagney and Lacey.

They say it’s up to the community to help catch the culprits.

“If you’re ok with the kind of person that would do this living next door to you then God help us all because this is not the kind of citizenry that we need here and that’s why we need someone to step up and find out who’s doing this,” said Pugh.

Bandages are changed every one to three days.

Cagney and Lacey are expected to stay in the hospital for several weeks before they’re turned over to Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call police immediately. 

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue has custody of Cagney and Lacey. The organization is paying for all of their care and treatment through donations. If you’d like to donate go to

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