Downtown Memphis Club Purple Haze Says It Will Stop Playing “Hard Rap”

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A popular nightclub in downtown Memphis recently cited black on black crime as the cause for recent violence outside the club.

Purple Haze Nightclub made that comment on its Facebook Page after it announced it will no longer play, “hard rap music.”  The changes come after a recent double shooting claimed the life of a local peace activist. 

Friday, Purple Haze posted on its Facebook Page that it is changing its daily music format to old school, clean hip hop and Top 40.  However, under that post, in the comments section, the club made some racially insensitive remarks and that caused folks to sound off. 

On the Purple Haze Facebook page, it stated that it’s changing its daily format to old school, clean hip hop and Top 40. The entire post is below:

“This year we have tried to accommodate an urban crowd that hit all of the downtown dance clubs when a club on Beale St. decided to go in a different direction. Unfortunately, there is a bad element associated with parts of that scene. It only takes one in a thousand to ruin a good time for everyone. So, beginning Monday April 2, 2018 we will no longer play hard rap music at our club. Our daily format will be Old School, clean Hip Hop, and Top 40. House mix for one hour on Saturdays. We will continue to operate as usual with DJ’s Wednesday thru Sunday. We think this is the best thing for us as well as the Downtown Historic District and the community as a whole. Thank You.”

 “If it’s rift raft outside the club here’s going to be rift raft inside the club, the music you play is not going to change that,” said Schreba Haynes, who is visiting Memphis from Nashville. 

Now folks are offended about additional comments the club made on social media.  In a response made to someone else’s comment, the club stated that most of the black clubs in this city were forced to closed due to violence.  It also said, “The issue is black on black crime outside the club that we can’t control.” 

The changes in music come after peace activist Choosey Parker was shot and killed outside the club last month. 

“What’s unfortunate about that because it was black people involved that’s why they make those statements. If it was white violence which that happens also they would not be posting this is white on white crime,” said Laura Collins, who is visiting from Minnesota. 

The club has since deleted those Facebook comments and is now apologizing for them. 

“If you’re a business owner you have to think about your clientele and who you are speaking to when you make certain posts,” Haynes explained. 

A club spokesperson said safety is its top priority. 

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