Driver hits pedestrian at Highland Strip crosswalk

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 MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( A Memphis woman is frustrated after she says a police report blames her for getting hit by a car at a marked crosswalk on South Highland.

Marlen Delgado was out with her boyfriend on June 20th when a red Jeep ran into her.

SkyCop camera footage above the crosswalk recorded the moment when Delgado’s right leg was injured by the car’s tire.

“I tried to finish crossing but that’s when I was hit by a red Jeep that did not stop at the crosswalk,” said Marlen Delgado.

The victim says she was initially confused after the accident.

“It took me like a couple of seconds to where I was like okay what hurts. Like does my head hurt? What hurts essentially. Then I saw cars still coming. So, my first instinct was I need to get out of the street because I landed in the street and cars were still kept going.”

The driver opened her car door letting Delgado know she was going to stop, but the responding officer who came to the scene did not cite the driver the same day.

The first police report shows conflicting statements that the crosswalk button was even pushed.

“When I saw the police report I saw that the driver hadn’t been charged because of the extra precautionary lights there,” said Delgado. “Which doesn’t make any sense because there are clear signs all over saying ‘hey if there’s someone in the crosswalk, you have to stop.”

The driver told police the crosswalk lights were not flashing, as did a security guard who says he saw the incident.

However, another video from MPD of Delgado activating the light system.

Delgado says planters which have been hit by drivers in the past were on her mind when she pressed the crosswalk button.

She says it was at first a challenge to get the driver’s insurance to accept liability for the accident.

“The narrative that the police wrote he put a lot of the blame on me saying I had been distracted when I was crossing,” Delgado added. “There were differing versions of the lights.”

Memphis Police later issued a citation for the driver for failing to yield to a pedestrian at a crosswalk after further review.

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