Drivers In Overton Square Want Cooper Street Median Gone

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Medians in Overton Square are causing a little controversy. People who drive down Cooper Street in the area say since the city has installed them there has been an increase in traffic accidents there.
Drivers say the median caused at least a dozens accidents Saturday night and drivers say it’s because of a lack of warning. Now, many are upset because of expensive repair bills.
“I did manage to make it over it,” said David Cupp whose car was damaged by the median on Cooper Street. “I just spent about $1,000 last month on two tires so I guess now I’ll have to get two new ones.”
Cupp ruined two of the tires on his Cadillac Escalade Saturday night during his drive home.
“Out of nowhere ran over a new median and pop two tires and just caused some damage to the underside of my car,” Cupp explained.
Cupp says he wasn’t the only one who got into an accident there. He says more than a dozen of people fell victim.
“There were two people that came by and one guy said he had hit it earlier and his air bag deployed and another lady a young girl and her mother came back up and her air bags deployed on her car whenever she hit it so,” Cupp said.
The sign warning folks about the median has been knocked down.
“I hit my brakes so hard and when I hit it I went over the first bump so if I was going real fast I would have towed my car out,” said Joya Lacey, who also damaged her car on Cooper Street.
Drivers would like the city to put flashing lights or better signage alerting them the median is there.
“Just that extra precaution will definitely help,” Cupp explained.
Local 24 News has learned some of those drivers plan to ask Memphis City Council members for assistance with their bills and ask the city to put more visible signage.  They plan to go to City Hall early Monday morning.  

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