Drop, Cover, And Hold: The Great Shake-Out At Richland Elementary

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Did you drop, cover, and hold on Thursday? The students at Richland Elementary did. It was part of the Great Shake-Out earthquake drill.

Students dropped under their desks grabbed hold of the desk legs and held on. After a minute or two, everyone was immediately evacuated and led to a safe spot.

Educators say it’s important everyone in the Mid-South is prepared, since we live so close to the New Madrid Fault.

“We’re doing it because we are on a fault. It’s important that all of our students know what to do,” says Richland Elementary Principal Sharon McNary. “With an earthquake, there’s no notice. So they need to know how to drop, cover, and hold should an earthquake occur here.”

To make sure your prepared for an earthquake, experts say you should create an emergency disaster kit with enough water and non-perishable food for seven days. Also set up a communications plan, so if the family gets separated, there’s a meeting place.

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