Earthquake rattles Dyersburg, Tennessee, and is felt in three states

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DYERSBURG, Tenn. ( – Residents in Dyersburg, Tennessee were awakened by an earthquake Wednesday morning. The 3.7 magnitude quake hit near Dyersburg just before 6:00 a.m. It could be felt in three states.

Experts say the magnitude of this quake didn’t cause damage, but it was strong enough to shake folks in Western Tennessee, the Missouri Bootheel, and in Arkansas.

“If you were laying still in bed waiting for the alarm clock to come on, you could’ve seen your lamp move a little bit,” said Gary Patterson with the U of M Earthquake Center.

Experts at the earthquake center at the University of Memphis compared the quake to a similar one in California.

“You put it in California, it’s barely felt in the next county. Here, it’s felt in three states,” Patterson said.

The quake did not cause damage in Dyersburg, but it was felt. And folks are concerned.

Dyersburg Resident Alan Maybery said, “It felt like a bomb had hit the house.”

“I was scared because I ain’t ever experienced anything like that,” said Dodge’s Store Employee Katlyn Dishman.

Experts say earthquakes are pretty normal, but we should all be prepared should a bigger one hit the Mid-South.

“For an earthquake, you should have at least 72 hours of supplies and you should be prepared for extended power outage. It’s much more likely that we’ll have a magnitude 6 that affects Memphis,” said Patterson.

Experts say they can’t predict if or when a larger earthquake would hit the Mid-South, but this one has been the talk of the town in Dyersburg.

Maybery said, “A real hard shake, VROOOOOOOM! And that was it!”

“It sounded like a herd of horses come running across my house,” said Jimmy Deese with OMNI-TECH in Dyersburg.

Dyersburg Resident Bill Clark said, “After that shaking in my bed, I knew what it was.” He claims, “One person said it moved the refrigerator a little bit.”

“Everything just started shaking all at one time,” Dishman said.

“One of the security cameras caught a little motion there. You can see the shaking,” said Deese.

At OMNI-TECH in Dyersburg, you can see on the security footage, when the quake hit.

Deese said, “It was definitely something big for Dyersburg. Biggest thing that’s happened all week.”

Experts say they can’t predict if or when a larger earthquake would hit our area. But they recommend that you have supplies on hand like water, flashlights, and batteries in case a big one hits the Mid-South.

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